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This customer saw a piece she liked in a magazine and knew she wanted something similar.  She put together her ideas and made a rough sketch, and then we built it.  The whole project hinged (pun intended) upon the television cabinet.  The customer wanted to be able to open the doors and then slide them out of the way into the cabinet.  However, the TV was 52 wide and the cabinet was not deep enough to accommodate 26 doors.  Bi-fold doors seemed like the way to go, but we could not find any hardware for bi-fold/pocket doors.  So, we designed our own mechanism and guides in order to make it work. 
The baseboard moldings were wrapped seamlessly around from the existing moldings in the room.  The crown molding was a custom design, put together specifically for this homeowner.

The arches presented a bit of a challenge, as well.  All of the face frames have a beaded detail and inset doors, so we had to continue the beading on the arches.  It came out very nice, the customer was quite pleased.